I’ve spent most of this afternoon surfing for blogs, keeping up with feeds in Google Reader, making comments, reading tips, tips and more tips, and learning what WordPress can do. Not to mention wracking my brain about the next post I will write. And strangely enough, this one wasn’t even on the list.

I could swear that my thighs have grown this past week. So, I’ll say it again, how on EARTH do you keep up? Many of you post daily it seems. Thanks to Barbara Swafford at Blogging Without A Blog, Darren Rowse at ProBlogger, Yaro Starak at becomeablogger.com and my friend Harmony at Golden Zen (for getting me started) – the content is amazing! I’ve committed to posting at least once a week and a week has never seemed soooo short! I’m losing my mind… HELLLLLP!

What exasperates me the most is that I stupidly rushed out to start blogging before doing more research. I spent ONE day in an Internet Marketing course and thought I knew it all. Funny isn’t it? Yesterday I realized that WordPress.com doesn’t allow ads; sheesh!

Perhaps I’ll be moving to WordPress.org soon? Awww, but I just got here. Then I would have to register a domain name and find a hosting package, and the thought of that… the thought of that… well, I can’t even go there. Ok, so I HAVE been there and back countless times. If anyone has any suggestions about switching to WordPress.org and the best hosting option I’d LOVE to hear.

Plus, I’ve been having trouble getting the Digg It Widget to show up on my posts. As a result, The Eye of the Storm has been saved as a draft and may not be accessible to you readers while the support staff troubleshoot; The Eye of the Storm… what a coincidence! Can ya Digg It? Apparently I can’t! (Hysterical laughter.) So, does “user-friendly” mean that the user has to be FRIENDLY too? (More hysterical laughter.)

The hysterical laughter subsides; giving way to analysis paralysis… again. I sure hope I can see the forest for the trees soon! Wish me luck! 🙂