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Thanks to Liz Strauss at I had the pleasure of showcasing my blog with 259 others (+3) this weekend. I was #231.

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As Samuel Butler says, “Words are clothes that thoughts wear.” So, come and enjoy Davina’s fashion show.

And now, back to the Blog-to-Show and all of those 260 +3 entries. It was a delicious looking list. There was something for everybody.

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What impact do you think you have on others? On your life? On yourself?

Who do you want to be with others, in your life, or with yourself?

Asking yourself these questions is the first step to recognizing your truth.

I have developed eight core value statements through a simple exercise.

This was very rewarding because it helped connect me with what is important to me and what I value about life.

Because values are so close to us, we often take them for granted.

Recognizing your values helps to make decision-making easier. We make decisions based on our values which are like lampposts that light our path along the way. 

Following, are my core value statements and a brief explanation of how to do the exercise. I hope that you become as curious as I was to undercover your answers and find your own core value statements.

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This is dedicated to my mom and my grandmother. Both have passed on, but a story my mom told me inspired this.

When my mom was in public school she was teased a lot about her last name, which was Sparrow.

Her mother loved to dress her up and much to her embarrassment, made her wear a beret.

Once particular day, a kid grabbed her hat off her head and ran around in circles taunting, “Sparrow in the treetop! Sparrow in the treetop!” My mom who was quite a tomboy, chased this kid, caught him and beat him up. She shared this story often and we always had a good chuckle over it.

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This is a poem that I wrote for a Cherokee Native American Elder.

The terminology explained below is my understanding from studying the Native American medicine wheel.

The medicine wheel symbolizes the journey we each take to find our own path in life.

Awahili – Eagle, sunrise, east, red, illumination, wisdom, vision
Wakananda – Great Spirit, centre, green
Waya – Wolf, high noon, south, white, family, truth, growth, happiness
Yanu – Black bear, sunset, west, black, introspection, courage, trust
Grandmother – Elder
Beauty Path – Balance, harmony, spiritual transformation
Starseeds – Evolved beings who assist in transformation of the Earth
Yunsai – White buffalo, midnight, north, pale blue, purity, renewal,  freedom

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They say nothing is written in stone, but I beg to differ. Last week I dug out some journals dating back 15 years. I was searching for inspiration, and to remember how magic happened to me.

Back then, after reading Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, I had taken up the habit of writing what she calls Morning Pages. In a period of four years, my life went through two major transitions and I wrote my way through both of them. 

The Morning Pages asks a person to commit to writing three pages every morning. If you don’t know what to write about, write about that. I found one page in my journal where I had filled half a page by writing “I don’t know what to write”, over and over. After reviewing these Morning Pages, I realized how my goals eventually became a reality.

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This past Saturday, I spent a couple of hours sitting outside my apartment building, selling old DVDs. It was a beautiful sunny day with the perfect amount of sun, shade, light breezes… and friends.

A friend of mine, Jonn, who is also my landlord, sat with me for a while. I’m pretty shy and appreciated his company when strangers passed by. It felt awkward watching them pick through my things, wondering if they felt as strange as I did about me watching them.

Jonn is one of those real friendly types, and I watched and listened enviously as he greeted everyone that passed. One particular couple responded quite favourably to his greeting and I said to him jokingly, “Gee, you know them too?”

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