“No, not at all,” he said, grinning widely from under the brim of his hat.

I told him it looked like they knew each other and what he said to me then was… “The only difference between a stranger and a friend is HELLO.” 

Of course it is I thought, grinning right back. “You know, you’re absolutely right,” was my response. “That is so true!” I felt a bit embarrased at that moment as he watched my epiphany.

I recalled a story that another friend of mine shared with me. Julie was walking down the street one morning and saw a rather elderly man working in his front yard. She greeting him with a cheery “Good morning!”

His response? “F _ _ _ K OFF!”

For a split second she was taken aback but then continued on, chuckling to herself. This extreme reaction was surely no reflection on Julie. Maybe he felt better for shouting and letting off some steam. We’ll never know. I suppose we can never know what is going on in a person’s life, what is on their mind or what is hiding behind their face.

But a simple hello can make someone’s day, usually 🙂 So many times it has made mine. And yet, so many times I still watch people coming towards me and wait for them to say hi first.

I decided that the next time I took a walk, I would make an effort to say hello first. So, that afternoon I made $11 selling old DVDs, but what Jonn shared with me was worth much more.

So what is your experience; do you say hi to the people you meet on the street?