First, I had wanted to be laid off from my job, receive a severance, buy a computer and start freelancing. Dreaming you say? Well, it happened. I lost this job through a company merger, turned down the job offer with the new company and used my severance to buy a computer. I found a part-time job that paid more than my previous full-time job, and worked from home on my “days off” producing books for publishing companies. My salary more than tripled!

A couple of years later I wrote about moving to Vancouver. During this process many exciting coincidences happened. For instance, I would meet complete strangers who would strike up a conversation only to reveal that they were from Vancouver. Everywhere I turned, Vancouver; on a bus sign, on the cover of a magazine, on the TV, in conversations, even in my dreams.

I flew out for a job interview, returned home to Toronto to wait for the news and decided that job or no job, I was going anyway. That day, before I could leave for my part-time job to give notice, the man who had interviewed me phoned and offered me the job.

Meanwhile, I had come to know a woman who lived across the street from me who had a friend in North Vancouver named Brenda. There was a vacant apartment across the hall from her that I rented. I arrived at my new home to find that Brenda had furnished my apartment with a few small pieces of furniture and some dishes, and she had even put some milk in the fridge! The red carpet had been rolled out for me.

It was a dream come true, and that is the magic of the Morning Pages.

Here is how they can support you:

1. Write about fears and doubts to release them. Once they are identified this helps to remove the focus from them and it is easier to come up with solutions. Often, fears aren’t as big and powerful as they seem.

2. Hold focus and send out a stronger message about what you want to create; you will notice that events or circumstances start to reflect this.

3. You become open and aware of arising opportunities and coincidences that support your goal.

4. Enables you to look at all possible scenarios and choose the one that resonates most with what you desire.

5. Get those thoughts out of your head. If you don’t release them, they can become magnified until you are stuck and can’t move forward.

6. Often your truth lies buried beneath all the mental dogma that accumulates during your days. Writing helps to bring you past all of that and to uncover the deeper agenda.

7. Discover what you really desire. If you don’t have a clear understanding of what you want and what you are passionate about, the message you send out to the Universe will be scattered.

8. We really do have all the answers. Ask yourself a question and your gut will speak. Listen, trust, and move forward.

9. Practice consistency and commitment; you will be rewarded.

To me, writing is about going with the flow. It opens up pathways to places inside that I never dreamt existed.

During my training as a Life Coach, I have been reminded of these Morning Pages and how they have invited and supported change in my life. When you are being coached by a Life Coach, the real transformation comes between sessions, for both coach and client, I might add. The Morning Pages can be a terrific tool to explore the insights that arise during coaching sessions, and to keep the momentum flowing until the next session.

So, magic can happen. I would love to hear any stories you have about magical experiences or adventures from your own personal journeys. Please share.

And if you haven’t already, I invite you to practice designing your future with the Morning Pages.