I sat upon a toadstool and traced the circles of its spots.
Never-ending cycles, illuminating thoughts.

A drop of dew was offered, from a Deva next to me.
We sipped it from an acorn shell that was gifted from a tree.

We raised our shells in tribute, to greet the rising sun.
A presence soared above on wings, Awahili, you have come.

The birth of inspiration raised me to the clouds,
and I saw below the innocence, Wakananda must be proud.

The southern wet winds whispered of the future, and a plan.
Waya showed me the rainbow’s path, and taught me all that I am.

The sun hung low in the west and I watched the rising moon.
The gentle strength of darkness returned, the nurturing trust of Yanu.

I laid on a blanket of moss, with my heart next to Mother Earth,
uniting our heart songs together – a remembrance of oneness rebirthed.

A sacred altar was spread on the earth, and I offered my joys up above.
Grandmother kissed my smiling face with a shower – her tears of love.

Called by freezing winds in the north and the unspoken mystery,
my heart embraced total giveaway, setting my spirit free.

I walked with Deva on the Beauty Path and with the Starseeds in the sky.
We shared together the path of success and the love of Yunsai.