This got me to thinking about how certain people have a personality that could be compared to a different species of bird. I started to think about what type of bird I reminded myself of and what comparisons I could make to my siblings.

I decided that I am the Great Blue Heron. I have long skinny legs (well, not so skinny anymore), and I like to stand quietly observing my surroundings. 

One of my brothers is incredibly philosophical so I call him the Wise Old Owl. One sister is very private and shy and so she has been deemed the Ostrich with her head in the sand. Another sister has a rather high opinion of herself so she has become the proud Peacock.

My mom? Definitely the Nightingale; she loved to sing. My grandmother, I’d have to say would be a Parrot. Not because she repeated your words, but because she was quite a clown.

This isn’t my entire family, and I could go on with more, but I’d rather hear some of the comparisons you can come up with.

Know anyone like a Chicken; always running around as if their head is cut off?
Or how about a Seagull who always has their eyes on your food?
A very dashing Penguin, a gorgeous Swan or the Raven trickster?
The most annoying Parrot who repeats everything you say?
Perhaps the mysterious and powerful Eagle?

There are so many more choices: Lovebird, Hawk, Duck, Dove, Goose, Roadrunner, Woodpecker, Crow, Pelican, Turkey, etc.

This can be fun, but the challenge I guess is to try not to hurt anyone’s feelings in the process. What are your picks?