There are eight different sections to this exercise: Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Spiritual, Relationship with Nature, Relationship with Others, Relationship with Self and Daily Purpose.

Choose all or some of these, or add new ones. Focus on each of these areas separately. Reflect on how you see yourself. For example: Relationship with Others. Ask yourself, “How am I with others?” Jot down a list of words that describe how you see yourself being with other people. Don’t filter out the negative words or feelings because they are part of the answer. And, don’t think too hard. Write down the words as they come and move on to the next section.

After you have come up with at least 8 to 10 words for each section, then it is time to write your core value statements. Take a look at the words you have written. What images come up for you? What feelings? What is there in that moment? What is important to you?

If there are a lot of negative feelings, reflect on them and ask yourself, “By feeling these what am I saying no to?” or “By feeling these what am I saying yes to?” Then focus on what it is you truly desire here; what you may have been denying yourself. Write a sentence or two that encompasses the essence of each section.

Your core value statements will remind you of your potential. If you choose to do this exercise, I suggest that you do it before reading my core value statements. That way you won’t have any expectations. Have fun!

My core value statements


I dance along my life’s path with purpose, appreciating each nurturing breath of spirit that breathes through my physical body.


Innovative and beautiful thoughts cast rainbows of light that illuminate adventurous journeys into the deep cosmos of my mind.


My innocent spirit grows stronger and more light-hearted with every joyful tear I shed.


I trust and allow the loving pulse of my spirit to connect me with the wisdom of life’s mysteries.

Relationship with Nature

Mother Earth supports my journey with unconditional love, warming my heart with appreciation and gratitude.

Relationship with Others

I accept and trust the boundaries I have set, and know that my heart is listening and no longer fearful.

Relationship with Self

I am courageous and forgiving of myself. I effortlessly and gratefully accept and appreciate who I am.

Daily Purpose

I am happy and at peace, knowing that each day brings forth an abundance of health, wealth and love.