There was a blog about sheds #55, flight simulators #57, and making wishes #191. The standout for me purely from the name was #219 Nanny Goats In Panties.

But, how did you choose which blogs to visit?

To me it was just like diving into a box of chocolates. So many delicious possibilities and you never know what you’re gonna get! I picked a few because they sounded interesting right off. Some I passed by. Some I stopped and read the bloggy quote to see if there was something there I might like to taste. If a blog took too long to download, I didn’t wait.

By the time I had reached #50 I was beginning to appreciate those bloggy quotes, especially the short ones. At that point I became choosier and those bloggy quotes were the deciding factor about which blogs to visit.

I thought that the three at the end who missed the deadline were actually in a good spot; Vicky, Tom and Dustin. It was nice of Liz to include them. I don’t know about everyone else, but I clicked on those three links.

As for the other 260, what caught your eye? Was it the person’s name? Blog title? Reason to visit? Bloggy quote? Did it depend on where on the list they were? Were they next to a familiar blogging buddy?

When you arrived how long did you stay? Why did you stay? Did you comment? What did you learn about yourself from this Blog-to-Show?

I learned that one of my most important values is Time, followed closely by Curiosity, Community, Creativity (the 3 C’s) and Humour (last but not least).