Yesterday morning a woman was mauled in her driveway while gardening. Luckily neighbours came to her rescue and eventually scared the bear away. It was later shot by police and the woman is recovering in hospital.

This morning, a 400 lb bear was shot after breaking into a home in the same area. It was found lying in the yard eating food it had taken from the home. When police arrived the bear ran back into the basement. The police followed and shot it in the shoulder. Rather than collapsing or trying to run, it climbed a tree.

Conservation officers shot the bear with a tranquilizer dart about 15 minutes later. However, the bear continued to act aggressively after coming down from the tree and was shot again, this time fatally.

Last weekend another bear was shot after killing a cat.

Apparently berries are in short supply this year and the bears are seeking alternative sources of food. It’s very unfortunate that this quest is leading them to their deaths.

I can understand how the authorities might resort to killing the bears, especially when they are acting aggressively in a neighbourhood where children and pets are in danger. But I wonder how far they really have to go. What do you think?