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Blogging Without A Blog  with Barbara

A post(s) I enjoyed: Her 9-part series of interviews with Lorelle VanFossen.

A post I will be reading next: This jewel from her archives; WP Tutorials – Where Were They When?


Cath Lawson with Catherine

A post I enjoyed: Was I Talking About You? (Cause I thought she might be.)

A post I will be reading next: Her 3-part series The Dirty Little Secrets


MomGrind with Vered

A post I enjoyed: Are Bloggers Allowed To Have A Life? (Cause I was starting to wonder the same thing.)

A post I will be reading next: Could MomGrind Use A Little Profanity?


Let’s Live Forever! with Robin

A post I enjoyed: This Blogging Life! How creative that one was!

A post I will be reading next: How To Be A Man And A Woman Both At The Same Time


The Urban Panther’s Lair with none other than the Urban Panther

A post I enjoyed:  Do You Even Care Who’s Looking? (Cause I wondered what I was missing.)  

A post I will be reading next: Lessons Learned


The Jungle of Life with Lance

A post I enjoyed:  Life’s A Beach (Cause I like to ponder these things.)

A post I will be reading next: How Valuable Are You?


Attraction Mind Map with Evelyn

A post I enjoyed: How Would You Cross The River? (Call me curious.)

A post I will be reading next: 7 Tips To Surviving Tough Times


Golden Zen with Harmony

A post I enjoyed: Whistle While You Work. (Cause it reminded me to.)

A post I will be reading next: When The Student Is Ready The Teacher Appears


Forever Change with Leanne

A post I enjoyed: The Voice Of Self Doubt (Cause I hear it loud and clear.)

A post I will be reading next: 3 Benefits Of Active Reflection


Thinking Out Loud Blog with Valerie (aka Natural)

A post I enjoyed: Bye-Bye Birdie (Soooo funny!)

A post I will be reading next: Mindboggling


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Photo Credit: From the BBC documentry: Planet Earth, on Blu-Ray DVD.

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