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Since it is Halloween, I thought I would take this opportunity to share a real live ghost story with you.

It took place in this farmhouse where I grew up on Granite Hill Road in northern Ontario, with my mother, grandmother and two sisters. This photo was taken in 1963.

When my mother was 12 and still living in Toronto, her father passed away during open-heart surgery. Throughout my childhood she spoke very fondly of him and I regretted that I’d never had the opportunity to meet him.

She shared this story with me some years after it happened and I believe her.

The event happened a couple of years after they had moved to the farm. See the window in the lower right corner of the house? That was our dining room, the place where mother experienced this. Here is what happened.

During the winter months the house was hard to keep warm and so the dining room was closed off from the rest of the house. We had our meals in the kitchen at the back of the house where the fireplace kept us warm.

This one particular evening mother was preparing dinner and decided to use some dishes that were kept in a cabinet in the dining room. She went into the dining room and when she returned to the kitchen a brief moment later, with no dishes in her hands, my grandmother noticed that her face was rather pale.

But mother didn’t say a word. Instead, she asked my grandmother if she would go and pick out some dishes. So into the dining room went grandma. She also returned quickly, with no dishes and a pale face.

They took one look at the other and my grandmother nodded instantly when my mother asked “Did you see it?”

This is giving me chills as I write!

What did they both see?

In the corner of the room next to that window was a figure. It had only revealed itself from the chest up and was gently floating on the spot. My mother recalled that it was her father and he was smiling at her.

Both mother and grandma agreed that they had seen the same thing and I don’t doubt either of them.

I don’t understand the phenomena of ghosts, nor can I prove it. But I don’t need proof because I accept it as a very real possibility. I keep an open mind because I too have had a few ghostly experiences in my life.

But, that is another story.

What about you? Have you had any such mysterious experiences? Do you believe in ghosts?

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