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What impact do you think you have on others? On your life? On yourself?

Who do you want to be with others, in your life, or with yourself?

Asking yourself these questions is the first step to recognizing your truth.

I have developed eight core value statements through a simple exercise.

This was very rewarding because it helped connect me with what is important to me and what I value about life.

Because values are so close to us, we often take them for granted.

Recognizing your values helps to make decision-making easier. We make decisions based on our values which are like lampposts that light our path along the way. 

Following, are my core value statements and a brief explanation of how to do the exercise. I hope that you become as curious as I was to undercover your answers and find your own core value statements.

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This is a poem that I wrote for a Cherokee Native American Elder.

The terminology explained below is my understanding from studying the Native American medicine wheel.

The medicine wheel symbolizes the journey we each take to find our own path in life.

Awahili – Eagle, sunrise, east, red, illumination, wisdom, vision
Wakananda – Great Spirit, centre, green
Waya – Wolf, high noon, south, white, family, truth, growth, happiness
Yanu – Black bear, sunset, west, black, introspection, courage, trust
Grandmother – Elder
Beauty Path – Balance, harmony, spiritual transformation
Starseeds – Evolved beings who assist in transformation of the Earth
Yunsai – White buffalo, midnight, north, pale blue, purity, renewal,  freedom

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