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According to Wikipedia, misery loves company is an idiom referring to the observation that one person’s misery makes others miserable…

I felt grumpy today and realizing I’m grumpy makes me grumpier.

Instead of trying to cheer myself up I found myself looking for more reasons to feel nasty.

When you are having a bad day one thing after another seems to go wrong. Have you noticed this? It gets so ridiculous that if you stop a minute to think about it, the situation starts to become funny.

I’m not a mean-spirited person and although there are days I feel that way, I don’t believe I want to make others miserable.

But who wants to hang around with a grump? I don’t. When I feel this way I make a judgement that this is bad, and automatically that judgement sends me farther into the cave. Resisting it makes it stronger.

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They say nothing is written in stone, but I beg to differ. Last week I dug out some journals dating back 15 years. I was searching for inspiration, and to remember how magic happened to me.

Back then, after reading Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, I had taken up the habit of writing what she calls Morning Pages. In a period of four years, my life went through two major transitions and I wrote my way through both of them. 

The Morning Pages asks a person to commit to writing three pages every morning. If you don’t know what to write about, write about that. I found one page in my journal where I had filled half a page by writing “I don’t know what to write”, over and over. After reviewing these Morning Pages, I realized how my goals eventually became a reality.

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Lordy lordy, my head hurts! Sink or swim isn’t an option – I feel like a bump on a log, going no place fast.

If a tree falls in the forest, does anybody hear? No, cause everyone is at home, at their computers, blogging!

Being rather new to this world of blogging, I am quickly learning how much territory there is to cover. And I can tell you, It’s Not A Small World After All!

To all you Seasoned Bloggers out there, how on EARTH do you find the time? Do you still eat? Sleep? Kiss your honey? Does the bathroom seem way too far away from your computer? Huh?

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